Bola88: Get Ready To Win Real Money On A Virtual Platform

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The table is laid, the cards are set and bets placed. Gambling, though illegal in many countries, is enjoyed by many people, young and old. Cheating chance, winning by luck and hitting the jackpot seems very exhilarating to people who gamble for the first time that they keep coming back and back. Casinos and arcades have always been popular hotspots for all


Digitalization and gambling

In this digital age, gambling has come to your doorstep, just a click away. People have been so deeply connected with the web that nowadays our basic functioning cannot happen without the internet. We don’t have to run to the nearest grocery shop for our daily necessities, or we don’t need to physically stand in line for the latest gadgets, all can be done with one click. Online portals and apps that advocates online gambling have slowly but surely gained a loyal following.

The first online gambling casino was started in 1994, after Antigua and Barbuda passes the Free Trade & Processing Act, allowed the license to be granted to organizations applying to open online casinos. People start gambling to earn some extra keep, buy something fancy.

The online gambling market is at 40 billion dollars in 2016, where over 40% of the gamblers are young people between the ages of 21 and 34. Online gambling can be used as a potential source of state tax revenue. In the U.K., all online casinos are required to pay a 15% consumption tax, and every organization is required to apply for a license from the gambling association.

Bola88 is not a problem when an adult who is responsible enough for his well being is involved in gambling, but when children of the age of 11 to 16 are being addicted to online gambling, it should be a major concern. Children are among easy prey for online gambling. Beyond this commercial world, parents should also talk to their wards on online gambling and its harms.

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